Valentine's day is coming and you are thinking of what to give to your dearly beloved. Bouquet of flowers? A cliche. Jewelries? Well, it will do but it can be very expensive. How about a teddy bear? Cuddly? Check! Memorable? Absolutely! Affordable? Definitely yes!


Collectible bears can be a perfect gift this valentine's day. In this article, we are going to give you some ideas on how these cute items can become the most excellent gift for your loved ones.


Teddy bears are actually ideal gifts not only on Valentine's Day but to all occasions as well. Even when somebody loses a family member, it can be used as an item than can give comfort. How much more if you are going to give it on the special day of love? Its normal characteristics of being huggable will convey that you love and you care. It can be given to your mom or dad, grandparents, siblings, friends, and most especially, to the opposite sex that you truly care about.


Basically, teddy bears are more than just stuffed toys. Although it does not have any emotion, its cuteness and intensive "huggability" will surely cause the heart to skip a beat, tumble, melt away, or even comforted.


The best thing about Steiff bears is that it can be personalized. All you have to do is to order it from a supplier (which are now mostly found on the internet) and tell them the specifications that you want. If you something that is extra soft, then the manufacturer may create a teddy with that feature. If you need a teddy that would seem to relay a "sorry message", then these can be provided as well. If you are lucky enough, you might even find a manufacturer that create a bear that somehow would look like you or the receiver.



Another good part of teddy bears is its capability to become a collectible item. There could be a lot of similar models of teddy bears, however, there could also be several models of it. Each will have the common feature of extreme cuteness and huggable factor, but every model may convey different emotions. A receiver may experience so much joy when given a teddy bear, but he or she can also trigger heartaches which would then allow venting out the deeply hidden painful emotion and possibly moved on from a particular breakup.  Either way, Collectible bears will bring in benefits to somebody's heart.